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crochet has become a bit of an obsession – join me in the madness!

Multicoloured mini scarf

Today I made this neck warmer (pattern from genuinemudpie) with a giant crochet hook. I like it a lot and it really did only take about 30 mins. Choosing which colours to use actually took longer than the crocheting :)

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5 Responses

  1. the colours look awesome!

  2. marjulo says:

    I love this neck warmer and your blog. I HAVE to learn to crochet–as though I need one more thing to do! LOL

    • Crochet Geek says:

      Oh you definitely should try crocheting – it’s really really easy – you can pick up the basics in an hour or two and everything I’ve done on here has only used the very basic stitches – I might try something a bit more complicated soon.

      good luck!

      • marjulo says:

        Thanks for your encouragement. I’m putting “learn to crochet” on my “bucket list.” I taught myself to knit, so I should be able to crochet. Love your work!

  3. [...] instructions for several different finishing decorations. The matching scarf shown below is the mini scarf I made a few weeks [...]

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