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Crocodile Scarf (in crocodile stitch)

Update: Instructions for the first half of the scarf are now available. And when you’ve completed that you can move onto instructions for the head and finishing touches. Enjoy!

I saw this pattern for a crocodile scarf on ravelry several months back – I bookmarked it and keep checking back but it always just says “pattern coming soon”. This is very annoying and so I have decided to take matters into my own hands! I really want to make this scarf but with no pattern I’ll just have to figure it out for myself. I’ve looked at a few videos of the crocodile stitch but I find videos hard to follow because everyone’s crochet style is different and they hold the work at different angles, twist the hook around different ways. I find written instructions with diagrams and photos of the steps much easier to follow but I’ve not found much of that (especially for left-handers) so I’m just going to muddle through and try to blog in detail as I figure each bit out.

The starting point is the diagram below - I’ll start at the tail and figure out how to increase as I go along.

Hopefully I’ll have the first part for you soon…

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2 Responses

  1. Claire says:

    Found someone with a pattern written out for the croc stitch, plus a quickie picture and videos. Came across it when I was using Pinterest and mentally noted it because it was such an interesting pattern.Yarn Muse’s blog: Hopefully that will help you a little more in way of getting it figured out:)

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