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What is this?

I have these exact colours of yarn and I want to make some coasters/placemats and this pattern is so lovely but what is it? Is this crochet? knitting? embroidery? I can’t figure it out and can’t find anything online. If you know what this is or know of a crochet stitch that gives a similar result please let me know!

UPDATE: I know what this is.

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  1. Kym says:

    This is done on a loom.

  2. It’s looks like a placemat made with a hexagon lap weaving loom. You can buy the looms in different shapes – square, triangle, rectangle. Some are wood, some plastic. You can make your own with some wood and nails. Here’s a couple of websites:

    On the second site go to the pattern page and scroll to the bottom – you’ll see your pattern.

  3. Crochet Geek says:

    After a bit of hunting I’ve found a hammer, tacks and an old picture frame. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  4. lee says:

    in the 70′s there was a loom for this- can’t recall what it was, but the link above is similar to what I recall:

    would a solomon’s knot be somewhat similar to this?

  5. Crochet Geek says:

    Here is a photo of my first attempt with the makeshift loom:

    definitely on the right track – I’m going to move some of the nails to make the height and width of the flowers even and give it another go. Sorry about the quality of the photo – my camera broke the other day so this is from my phone.

  6. lee says:

    wow! it turned out very nice! :) hope that you might share details on how you did this- nice work.

  7. [...] internet is a wonderful thing. A few weeks ago I posted a photo of something made of yarn and asked if anyone knew how it had been created; within minutes lots of you wonderful [...]

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