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Psychedelic Flower Power Cushion

Well it’s been a while my little crochet cultists; apologies for the hiatus – I’ve been moving house (again!). My new flat has a lovely green rug and it inspired me to make this psychedelic, 60s flower power cushion following a pattern from Attic 24. It’s cheerful and fun and is good for using up odd bits of yarn.

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4 Responses

  1. Those colors are so hypnotic and really pop, it makes me want to smile :) amazing work.

  2. elisa ryan says:

    hi, i’m not able to view your pictures.

  3. I really love and enjoy colored crochet projects. This one is very nice and interesting, i like the layers.

  4. The colours of this cushion crochet pattern are stunning. The texture adds another dimension.

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