Easiest gloves in the world

After I’d got the hang of working in the round I thought I’d try out some straight crochet and make some gloves. I tried out a couple of patterns I found online but the results were not great (partly I think because I hadn’t yet realised there was a difference between American and English crochet terms and partly because I was left-handed trying to learn crochet from right-handed instructions!). So I just made up the easiest gloves I could think of – just chain the length you would like them to be then work back and forth in rows of any stitch you like the look of until the piece is big enough to fit comfortably around your wrist – it should be tight but not stretched at all. Then fasten off and use the tail of yarn to sew up the edge leaving a gap for your thumb in the position that feels the most comfortable. I then just added the buttons for decoration. I also tried adding an interesting frilly edge to the finger end but decided it didn’t look great so took it off.


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