Next I was inspired by the stunning creations at gourmet amigurumi and decided to make this little elephant for my granddad. He collects them and I know he’ll love this one – i just hope he doesn’t stumble across this blog before I have a chance to give it to him! I started with the body and legs all in one piece then made the head and redid the trunk a few times until I figured out how to get it to turn up nicely. Initially I make the tusks from white yarn but they looked too bulky and so I made them from white embroidery thread instead. I made discs for the ears and sewed fabric on the inside then I sewed the head to the body with the ears between, made a stripy rug and added sequins.


2 thoughts on “Elephant

  1. I totally suck at Amigurumi, for starters. Plus I’m a lefty with the attention span of a gnat. But I have someone dear to me that would adore this. Where do I start to learn how to make this happen?

    • Everything is essentially made up of a couple of basic shapes. This would be just a ball for the body, smaller ball for the head, cylinders for the legs and some flat discs for ears. Search for crochet basic 3d shapes and once you can make those you can put them together to be anything you want. Good luck!

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