Strawberry hat

The friend that started this obsession by giving me the crochet book just had a baby and so now I have a grasp of the basics, crocheting something for her seemed like the next thing to do. Using a pattern for a pumpkin hat as a basis for size I made the strawberry hat above. I started the same as for the pumpkin hat but in red and instead of the green stem I crocheted round in red to make a very basic red hat. I then made the green top separately and very much just by trial and error – going around until it looked vaguely right then sewing it to the top of the hat. The yellow dots are just scraps of yarn tied through the hat and tied through both layers at the bottom to secure the turn up. I gave this hat to her yesterday and it does look very cute. It fits but only just – i think it will be too small very soon so I will have to work on another!


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