Multicoloured madness

A couple of weeks ago there was a sale at my local wool shop and I bought some “smiley stripes” rainbow coloured yarn. Then I got it home and didn’t really know what to do with it.

I started playing around with it and the result was the crazy pear on the right. I have to keep him in a box as he scares my housemate but I think he’s quite cheerfully colourful.

With the rest of the ball I just started a flat square in moss stitch as I really like how you can see one row alternately dip into the one below because of the changing colours.

So then I ran out of yarn and was left with a multicoloured square. I decided this would made a lovely hook case for my multicoloured crochet hooks! so I gathered up some complementary fabric and yarn and lined the square:

I sewed a thin strip of double crochet across the middle to hold the hooks and then added buttons to hold it closed when folded. These buttons looked like eyes so I added a mouth to turn it into a cheeky chappy – he’s a bit lopsided and wobbly but keeps all my hooks safe and makes me smile :)


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