flower phone case pattern

I’m now going to attempt my first ever crochet pattern/instructions but a few words before I start: I am left-handed and English. I found learning crochet quite hard at first as all the instructions were right handed – in the end I found wonderful instructions with left and right handed photographs at Planet June. The instructions for this phone case work fine left or right handed but the photographs show the work done left-handed so may look different from your work in progress. Also I’m most comfortable with English crochet terms so I’ll be writing using those – take a look at a conversion chart if you’re happier with American terms.

Pick any yarn you like the colour of (mine is a wonderful bright blue) and a hook size to match. I used a 3.5mm hook. Gauge is not important as you’ll be using your phone/ipod/camera for sizing.

Step 1. Make a chain the same width as your phone. In my case this was 13 stitches.

Step 2. Chain 1, dc in the second stitch from the hook and in each stitch of the starting chain.

Step 3. dc twice more in this same stitch. you will now have 3 stitches (shown as red dots) in the last stitch of the row taking you around the corner.

Step 4. Do not turn but continue around the corner and dc in the other side of each stitch in your starting chain.

Step 5. Do not turn. you will now be working in a spiral – clockwise for left-handers, anticlockwise for right-handers. dc in the back loop only of each stitch and just continue to go around in a spiral. Once the work is a couple of cm long check the size on your phone – it should be snug but not stretched.

Step 6. Keep going around until the piece is long enough to almost cover your phone/ipod/etc. At this point you could just slip stitch the next few stitches and fasten off for a simple strapless case. Or continue to the next step and we will start to make the strap.

Step 7. dc the next 4 stitches but going through both loops of each stitch from now on.

Step 8. ch1, turn, dc in second stitch from hook (going through both loops now) and then dc next 3 stitches.

repeat step 8 until the strap is long enough to reach the top of the position you would like your button to be. mine was 12 rows.

Step 9. We will now be making the button hole so have your button to hand so you can make the hole the correct size. ch1, turn, dc in second stitch from the hook, dc next stitch.

Step 10. ch1, turn, dc in second stitch from the hook, dc next stitch.

repeat step 10 until this section is as long as you would like your button hole to be (this needs to be an even number of rows). I think it should be just less than the length of your button but I’ve not tried it with very large or small buttons so a little bit of trial and error may be needed if you are using an unusually shaped/sized button. I needed 4 rows.

Step 11. ch1, turn, dc in second stitch from the hook, dc next stitch, ch2.

Step 12. ch1, turn so you are going back down the strap, dc in second stitch from the hook, dc next stitch.

repeat step 12 until you have the same number of rows on each side of the button hole. So in my case I crocheted 4 rows again. Your work should now look like the photo below.

Step 13. slip stitch the next 2 stitches going through both the small section you have just created and the main body of the strap. Fasten off and weave in the end. You should now have a continuous strap with a button hole at the end.


Step 1. Create a magic ring with 6 dc in the ring. Work in a spiral and use a stitch marker to keep track of where the round ends. Crochet into the back loops only of all stitches.

Step 2. crochet 2dc into the back loop of each stitch of the ring (12 stitches in total).

Step 3. 2dc into the 1st stitch, 1dc into the next stitch. repeat all the way around. (18 stitches in total).

Step 4. 2dc into the 1st stitch, 1dc into the next 2 stitches. repeat all the way around. (24 stitches in total).

At this point I fastened off but if you are using a large button you may want to go around again so the crochet flower is bigger than the button.

Step 5. Sew the button in the centre of the circle.

Step 6. put your phone into the case to determine the best position for the button and then sew on the flower. I used blue thread, the same colour as the case, to create a frilly edged look to the flower.

Step 7. The final step is just to sew on a stem and leaf in green and enjoy!


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