Twit Twoo

After writing the phone patterns yesterday I just wanted to switch my brain off a bit and follow a speedy pattern – enter this cute little owl which is from a free pattern called Mr. Hoo. I think the original is much cuter than mine – I somehow managed to give him an odd base rather than the rounded shape it should be and I made him up the wrong way around so the colour change can be seen on the front – oh dear! He is still pretty cute though.


2 thoughts on “Twit Twoo

  1. This little guy is adorable! Do you happen to have the pattern available? The link wasn’t working for me. Also, you should put him up on Perhaps you already know about the site, but if not… it’s a great resource for free and for sale patterns. :)

    • Hi, yes that’s very sad – the full of fluff website seems to be down at the moment – hopefully it’s just temporary.

      Yeah I just discovered ravelry and it’s great! the pattern is already on there – that’s where I found it:

      good luck :)

      Edit: the full of fluff website seems to be working again now so have a look – but for the pattern they just link to ravelry the same anyway.

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