Recycled Yarn Mishaps

My next project is something to wear so I wanted yarn that was nice and soft, unfortunatly this was all either very expensive or not in any colours I liked. I decided to try and find some knitted things in charity shops to unravel and recycle. I found the two jumpers on the right…………


……….which unravelled to give me this. Mistake #1 is that I didn’t stop to think that the yarn of the stripy jumper is cut at the end of every row so I now have lots of short lengths! the green jumper is great though – a big ball of ~150g and I’ve only unravelled one panel so far………

…….so these are the colours I’ve decided for my project – the green and blues from the jumpers and some pale blue bamboo I already had. I want it chunky and multiple colours but not stripes as such so I’m going to try crocheting the two threads as one……


…….and this is what I ended up with. Mistake #2 was not making a small swatch first. I think this is actually lovely – it’s a clustery sort of stitch but it is very dense and heavy and will not hang well at all so after a full evening’s work I decided to unravel it……..



…….leaving me with this. Watch this space to see what it will (eventually at this rate!) become………




…….and the moral of the story is that you can get some great cheap yarn by buying second hand clothes but try to be a bit more careful than me about what you choose!


3 thoughts on “Recycled Yarn Mishaps

  1. I’m very very imppressed with your handywork!! I’m dying under the pressure of tech and your bunny phone case made me smile!! xx

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