60’s style flower

Update: this pattern has now been superseded by a much neater flower in the same style: improved 60’s flower

This is a flat flower in two contrasting colours. The finished size depends on the thickness of yarn and size of hook used. I used worsted weight yarn and a 4mm hook to make flowers ~12cm diameter. Perfect for coasters! or sewing together into a blanket/bag/scarf. I might make some in orange and brown and relive the wallpaper of my 80’s childhood :)

Onto the instructions: All terms are English so if you’d prefer American crochet terms then have a look at a conversion chart. Work into the back loop only of each stitch and we’ll be going around in a spiral so use a stitch marker to keep track of rounds.

Rnd1. In first colour (yellow here) create a magic ring with 6dc

Rnd2. 2dc into each stitch (12 stitches total)

Rnd3. *2dc into 1st stitch, 1dc into next stitch. *Repeat 6 times (18 total)

Rnd4. *2dc into 1st stitch, 1dc into next 2 stitches. *Repeat 6 times (24 total)

Rnd5. *2dc into 1st stitch, 1dc into next 3 stitches. *Repeat 6 times (30 total)


Change to contrasting colour (blue here)




Rnd6. *dc, htr, 2tr, tr, htr, dc. *Repeat 5 times






Rnd7. *slst, htr, tr, 2tr, tr, htr, slst. *Repeat 5 times








Rnd8. *slst, slst, htr, 2tr, 2tr, htr, slst, slst. *Repeat 5 times










Rnd9. *slst, slst, dc, htr, 2tr, 2tr, htr, dc, slst, slst. *Repeat 5 times





You can fasten off here or change colour again and complete the final round:







Rnd10. *slst, slst, dc, htr, htr, 2tr, 2tr, htr, htr, dc, slst, slst. *Repeat 5 times.

Fasten off and weave in any loose ends.


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