Hedgehog Pincushion

I keep stabbing my pins into anything nearby when I take them out of a project and this can cause problems, depending on who’s sitting nearby…. so I made this little hedgehog – he doesn’t mind being stabbed by pins at all, in fact they’re part of his look.

We’ll be working amigurumi style so use a stitch marker to keep track of rounds and just keep going in a spiral. I’ll be using English crochet terms so have a look at my conversion chart if you’d prefer American terms.

What you will need:

a small piece of felt/fabric

2 buttons/beads (for eyes)

brown yarn and a suitable size hook (I used worsted weight and a 4mm hook)

a yarn needle

a regular needle (for sewing the beads/buttons)

black thread




Start by cutting a circle of felt or fabric ~8cm in diameter. If your fabric is likely to fray then cut the circle slightly larger, tuck under the edge and pin to create a hem all the way around. with the yarn you’re using for the body blanket stitch all around the edge of your circle. Make the stitches quite close together, you’re aiming for about the width of one crochet stitch. (I imagine you’ll be able to do a much neater job than I have!)

Now take your hook and the same yarn and dc in each stitch around the circle. When you’ve been all the way around once use your stitch marker to keep track and complete 4 more rounds with 1dc in each stitch.

ROUND 6. *dc in 2nd stitch from the hook and the next 4 stitches. *repeat until you have completed 1 round.

Because the number of blanket stitches in the beginning will not be the same for everyone then you probably won’t have the exact number of stitches needed for an exact number of repeats. Don’t worry about this – just stop wherever you are when you get back to the stitch marker and start the next round as normal. If this part of the body looks slightly uneven when you have finished then just make sure that this is where you sew on the nose and it will all be hidden.

ROUND 7. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook and next 3 stitches. *repeat until round complete.

ROUND 8. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook and next 2 stitches. *repeat until round complete.


ROUND 9. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook and 1 more stitch. *repeat until round complete.


ROUND 10. *dc in 2nd stitch from hook. *repeat until there are no stitches left. fasten off and weave in ends.


ROUND 1. Create a magic circle with 6dc and slip stitch closed.

ROUND 2. 2dc, dc, dc, 2dc, dc, dc (8 stitches total)

ROUND 3. 1dc in each stitch (8 stitches total)

ROUND 4. 2dc, 1dc next 3, 2dc, 1dc next 3 (10 stitches total)

ROUND 5. 1dc in each stitch (10 stitches total)

ROUND 6. 2dc, 1dc next 4, 2dc, 1dc next 4 (12 stitches total)

ROUND 7. *2dc, 1dc next 3,*repeat twice more (15 stitches total)

ROUND 8. 1dc in each stitch (15 stitches total)

ROUND 7. *2dc, 1dc next 2,*repeat 4 more times (20 stitches total)

Fasten off leaving a tail for sewing onto the body. At this point you may think the nose looks a bit odd (see photo) but it will look much more nose-like once it’s attached and you embroider on the black tip so don’t worry.

Stuff the nose and sew onto the body.

FEET (x4)

ROUND 1. Create a magic circle with 6dc and slip stitch closed.

ROUND 2. 1dc in each stitch.

fasten off and sew onto underside of body.


Sew on 2 beads/buttons for eyes and use black thread to create the nose tip. Now add your pins for his spikes – try experimenting with different “hairstyles”


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