DIY cycle helmet

Not much crochet going on this week I’m afraid. the weather’s been far too nice :) So instead I dug out my bike and thought about buying a helmet. I found some Sawako Furuno helmets online – flowers and wonderful leopard print!

Two things stopped me from buying that leopard print helmet – firstly no actual shops near here sell them and I’d really want to try it on before buying and secondly there is the huge price tag of over £70 (then delivery on top of that). So the other day I saw just some basic black skate helmets in my local cycle shop and I decided to get one and have a go at painting it. The result is above – I actually had an idea for a much more elaborate design but when I found my paints I realised I only had a couple of colours so this was a trial run until I get more. I think it looks quite good as a first attempt and the paint is acrylic so waterproof but also should hopefully come off quite easily when I want to give it a new look.


2 thoughts on “DIY cycle helmet

  1. About the helmet, you want to be careful that there aren’t any metals (or anything that could block X-rays) in the paint (or whatever) you use to decorate it. You want it to be X-ray proof. If ever you have an accident with it the medical team will want to have you pass an X-ray before they take your helmet off, but if you use something that is opaque to the X-rays, they won’t be able to see your bones.
    I guess you probably know this, I just wanted to make sure (and also warn whoever could read your blog and not know this). It’s always best to stay on the safe side :)
    Have a nice day

    (sorry I realised I should have posted my comment here)

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