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Vintage style phone case


“ANOTHER phone case!?” I hear you cry. “Are you insane woman – you have about twelve already!”

well yes, that is true, but my excuse is that I just changed my phone. I now have a lovely shiny new BlackBerry and while it is the correct size for some of my phone cases it has a rubberized case and so doesn’t really slide into them easily. So I decided to make a lovely lined case and this is the result. I think it’s my favourite one yet – lots of the others are colourful and fun but I just love the colours of this case and the stitch used makes it look interestingly vintage.

I’ll be using English crochet terms so have a look at my conversion chart if you’d prefer American terms. Read through all the steps before you start so you can decide where you would like to put the button holes.

The stitch is a variation on the grit stitch and it creates a nicely dense fabric – here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Chain slightly longer than the length of your phone/camera/iPod/laptop etc. making sure you have an even number of stitches. (if your phone/camera is quite thick then chain the length plus the depth). Now chain an extra 3.

Step 2. tr into the 3rd chain from the hook.

Step 3. *miss one stitch, dc and then tr into the next stitch. *repeat to the end of the row but on the last stitch just dc.

Step 4. Turn, chain one, tr into 2nd stitch from hook (ie. miss the chain you just did and tr into that last dc of the previous row)

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until the piece is long enough to wrap around your phone and overlap enough to button closed. Fasten off (leaving a very long tail for sewing on your lining later).


To create a button-hole wait until after you have just completed a dc and tr. Instead of missing one stitch, chain 2 and, skipping three stitches of the row, continue as normal with a dc and tr into the 4th stitch. Try to space your button holes evenly along the row. My button holes were created during the third row.


Cut a piece of complementary or contrasting fabric to be just slightly larger than your piece of crochet. Create a hem all the way around (to prevent fraying) by folding under the edges and pinning to the crochet piece. Using your tail of yarn whip stitch or blanket stitch all around the edge. I think the whip stitch is quicker and easier but the blanket stitch would look fantastic if you wanted to use a contrasting colour to sew on the lining.

From the other side cut a slit in the lining at the position of the button holes and whip stitch all around the holes. This is where you can fine tune the size of the holes to fit your chosen buttons. Make the slits bigger and stretch the hole slightly to make bigger or whip stitch more tightly to reduce the size of the holes.


Fold up the opposite end of the piece from the holes and sew down each edge (I just whip stitched again) to create a pocket for your phone. You can choose to make this pocket big enough to completely, or only partly cover your phone. Mine only partly covers the phone so I can check the LED for messages or missed calls without having to unbutton the case or take the phone out. The lid folds over and overlaps so the phone is still completely covered and protected (doing it this way also means you can see more of the lovely lining material).

Now put your phone in the case and fold over the flap to decide on the best place to sew the buttons. When sewing on the buttons try to only sew through the crochet and not the lining – this looks nicer and means there are no knots rubbing against your phone on the inside. Instead, hide your knot between the button and the case.