correction for email subscribers

Just after I published the vintage phone case pattern yesterday I noticed a slight error on how to make the button holes. This was corrected straight away but if you receive posts by email then you will have the original post in your inbox so this is just a warning to either work from the online version of this pattern or make sure you take note of the correction below:


To create a button-hole wait until after you have just completed a dc and tr. Instead of missing one stitch, chain 2 and, skipping three stitches of the row, continue as normal with a dc and tr into the 4th stitch. Try to space your button holes evenly along the row. My button holes were created during the third row.

Sorry about that!

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2 thoughts on “correction for email subscribers

  1. Usually the number 4 as in “fourth” in line to the thrown, is not spelled “forth”…as in, go forth and conquer.

    • Well spotted and thank you. It is now corrected.

      I’ll take comfort from knowing that spelling mistakes are easily made though since things are usually in line to the throne. :)

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