Lacy yellow scarf

This weekend I made this lovely lacy scarf. It was very easy and quick to crochet and if you want to make one too then the pattern is called angel crochet scarf by Amanda Perkins and is free to download from ravelry or the natural dye studio.

The pattern uses 2 ply lace yarn but I used DK yarn so I upped the hook size to 8mm (after a bit of trial and error) and the finished scarf has a width of about 27cm (11″). The photos below show detail before and after blocking.

Before blocking

After blocking


6 thoughts on “Lacy yellow scarf

  1. It’s beautiful!! The after blocking picture of the light coming through really shows off the pattern wonderfully!!

  2. I really like this scarf and I tried to go find the pattern on the two links you posted but they are both no longer available! Do you still have it?

  3. Hi… I loved this scarf and was about to say exactly what Alex McCalip did right above… Hope you see this… hope you still have it!!

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