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Fun and Free Flower Loom


Whilst browsing patterns on ravelry I keep coming across blankets made up of beautiful flowers. I excitedly click on the pattern only to learn that they’re not crocheted at all but are in fact made on something called a flower loom. It all sounds terribly complicated and so I would close the page with dismay and continue my pattern search. Well this kept happening and so I thought I should find out exactly what these flower loom things are and where I might get one. It turns out they’re very simple and I found quite a few different instructions on how to make your own. The simplest of these was just from a plastic ice-cream tub (which I didn’t have so used cardboard instead).

The one on the right is my attempt to make a two layered loom – it works but is a little flimsy in cardboard (a good excuse to eat more ice cream!)

Winding the yarn sends me straight back to the 80’s and the joy of spirograph :)

There are instructions for lots of different styles and ways to finish the centre and I haven’t had chance to try them all yet. But I’m sure I will!

Winding the yarn (twice around shown here)

Sewing the centre in purple (backstitch method)

Finished flower

Double layered flower with button centre

My first attempt - what a mess!

It only takes 5 minutes to cut out a cardboard cog loom so why not give it a try. My first flower was a bit of a mess (shown above!) but after that it was really easy.