Broomstick Lace Bracelet

broomstick lace tutorial on

Follow the link above to see the full photo tutorial for this bracelet in its new home. From there you can view the photo steps in a large gallery format by clicking on them or easily print the whole tutorial by clicking the more -> print button at the end of the post.

Happy crocheting!


crochet brooches (2)


124 thoughts on “Broomstick Lace Bracelet

  1. Love the bracelet!

    If it makes you feel a bit better, my mom was left handed and taught me, a righty, to crochet, knit and sew.

  2. Just stumbled upon this! I saw the original tutorial and loved it. As a right-hander, I never thought it would pose a different challenge for a left-hander! Thanks for sharing this with other southpaws. I will mention it on my Facebook! Pearl

    • I find it difficult to tell my left from my right at the best of times without trying to flip everything in my head :)

      As I say in this and the crocodile scarf pattern it was easy once I got going – it was just laziness I think. Hopefully now though my left handed photos will help anyone else who’s been putting off learning these stitches.

      • I’ve been putting off learning this stitch, but your photos helped me understand it better, even with me being a righty! :) Thanks!

  3. Totally awesome tutorial…I’m left handed and have tried this before. I’m ususally pretty good at reversing the instructions, but this one just wasn’t cooperating. Now I’ll be making broomstick lace for everything!

  4. I am in complete tears of joy right now! I have been looking for this stitch for years. My Gramma used to make the most BEAUTIFUL afghans using this stitch! I miss her sooooo much! Thanks for showing this! You are an answer to prayers!

    • Thank you for your comment – I’m glad this was helpful for you and knowing that people find these posts useful and inspiring is what makes me carry on with them.

      you should make something pretty in honour of your grandma. and do send me a photo :)

  5. Eeee! I love it so much. :) I think the tan cuff w/the wooden beads is AWESOME. I have some silk/bamboo yarn that would look gorgeous. And some 50mm knitting needles!! Hehe. :) Thanks so much for your tutorial, although it took me a few seconds to switch my brain around to right-hand crocheting. But I think I’ve got it. ;)

  6. Thank you, I can’t wait to try this. Left-Handed crochet artist’s FTW… I feel less alone knowing that I am not the only person in the world who feels that every pattern is made for right handed people.

  7. Love this…can’t wait to do this one, as soon as my homework is done. Who wants to do homework when they have yarn?

  8. Strange question but how do you sew on the bottons? and with the same yarn you are using? just new at this and love this bracelet I just have to make it!! Thanks

    • Hi,

      I just left a long tail at the beginning and used that. I sewed them on the very end where it’s a bit more dense. You could do a couple of rows of double crochet (american = single crochet) if you want to make a little band to sew the buttons onto.

  9. This is super cool! I didn’t quite realize it was lefty crochet, I almost thought it was some kind of crazy righty knit (which works perfectly for me!), but I suppose it can be done among a knit too. Super cool!

  10. Love it- but I take the five loops off the broom before I do the single crochets and work them in my fingers- I really couldn’t see how you did them on the lg. crochet hook. Thanks, though. Love your blog!

    • that’s great if that works for you – much less fiddly I imagine. I’m a bit rough and heavy handed with my crochet though and if I took the loops off then I’d probably end up dropping it and unravelling it all :)

  11. Ok, I consider myself a pretty proficient crocheter, but I am stuck and confused about step #6. After you push the first 5 stitches off of the broom, you have the loop that you use to work stitches sitting there with no hook in it. How do you proceed to repeat steps 5 thru 6? What do you do with the loop? Soooo confused. Help………

    • Hi, there’s no hook in the loop just so that it didn’t get in the way of showing the stitches in the photo. The hook stays in the loop and you just continue back at step 5 and insert the hook under the next 5 stitches. The work does twist and crumple up a bit as you do this (especially on the first row), as you can see in the later photos, but you just pull it into the right shape when you’ve finished the row.

      I hope that helps!

  12. Hi there!
    I have tried your tutorial and my row of three when I take them off the broom stick they are all twisted and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Would you consider doing a video possibly? Thanks so much!

    • Hello,

      I’m afraid I don’t have any way of taking a video but I’ll try and help:

      Firstly the first row does tend to twist and crumple up a lot so maybe it’s actually fine – have a look at the photo just below step 8. To straighten it up you need to pull on each side and untwist it – don’t be afraid to be quite rough with it. If it’s not straightening up you may need to pull on individual threads until it is even.

      Secondly are you left or right handed? I’m left handed and I posted this tutorial mainly as a help to other left handers – but if you didn’t realise the photos are showing how it would look to a lefty then that could be the problem – save the photos to your computer and flip them horizontally in some sort of photo viewer/editor to see how it should look for a right handed crocheter.

      I would also suggest using the smoothest yarn you have (or even thickish string) while you practice – normal or fluffy yarn is difficult to see and hard to pull even.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  13. I love this, and it is not that hard to do, but I am having a problem finding the right yarn for this. One is too heavy, but thinner isn’t as easy to work with. What gage did you use on this?

    • Hello, the yarn I used is somewhere between dk and worsted I think. I don’t think the weight matters as much as how smooth the yarn is though – I used bamboo cotton and it was lovely – both to work with and nice looking. I tried just regular dk yarn and it was awful – hard to work with and you just couldn’t see the stitches very well.

      dig out the smoothest yarn you can find (or even string or something!) and experiment with different sized ‘broomsticks’ – wooden spoon handles, big knitting needles, a mascara – anything you have around!

      Good luck!

  14. I love this! I have now tried it 4 times and it looks nothing like it is supposed to, so I am giving up for now! And I know how to crochet, so this is really embarrassing. But I will try again! thanks for the lesson!

  15. This looks a lot more difficult than the crocodile stitch. Learned that one and made a couple of purses for my girls. They love them.
    I’m going to give this a try too!
    Thank you

  16. Wow I Can look and understand this. Am left handed and would love to crochet. It is such a challenge to try to figure out what I am doing when watching a right handed person do this.

    I will definately have to try this.

  17. I love the design, but had a really hard time figuring out why it seemed so difficult, as a righty. If you’re also right-handed and find this tutorial tricky, just check out some videos on youtube of broomstick lace. It instantly becomes much easier :)

  18. THANK YOU SOOOOOO much for the lefty instructions!!! Instructions can be hard for us lefties sometimes and it is so exciting to find one written for me!!!!!! You ROCK!!!

  19. Thank you, thank you for this! I too am a lefty & find it hard to figure out stitches sometimes trying to look at them backwards:) I love this bracelet! It looks complex & I probably never would have tried it otherwise. It was actually quite easy with your instructions. Good job & thanks again!

  20. This is such a beautiful stitch! I am left-handed and have been crocheting since I was 10 years old (equates to many years)…very helpful! Thank you!

  21. WOW!!! very nice! I may have to dig up my crocheting stuff!!! Inspiration!! Headbands, scrunchy, ooooo, belt!!!!

  22. I can’t wait to make these. They will be perfect to hide my tattoos at work. Here’s a question though, I have a coworker who has a tat on her forearm. So she has to wear one of those sport sleeve thingies. How would I go about in creasing the rows to make it fit from wrist to elbow?

  23. I found you on Pinterest and I did it!!! I am definitely a beginner crocheter so if I can do it anyone can!! This is my first crochet project I have finished, I usually end up quitting midway, but this was easy and quick! You can see your progress the whole way so if you mess up you can easily fix it before getting to far in! I can’t wait to make another for my mom and sister! Thanks!!

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  25. Thank you for the leftie tutorial. I love the cuff and thanks to your great instructions, I will make one without frustration! You are a jewel.

  26. I’m a right handed, so I will check out the other link… But, wanted to tell you that I love your step 8, and the “do-not-panic” part. I would have panic. thanks.

  27. Just made this and it looks great :) Followed your instructions even though I did it right handed and it came out perfect. My only problem was I didnt have 3 buttons the same!! I had 2 lovely wooden ones which I used on top and bottom and then a big one in the middle. This turned out to be too big though and I had to attach a small chain as a loop to put over the button!! You can’t see it but it means the middle one is offset from the other 2. Looks really cool though :)

  28. I find picture tutorials so much easier then most crochet instructions.

    I think this pattern would also make a really cute belt for a country style dress or something like that.

  29. Love the pattern so Im pushing into new territory for me. So probably a silly question but after step 6 & and before repeat the loop is just off the hook in your picture. What do I do with it when going into step 7. Hoping this will all make sense soon. Thanks

  30. Thank you so much for putting up lefty instructions for this! I am a self-taught crocheter and learned the way that felt most comfortable, not even realizing till later that, being a lefty I just naturally did it left handed! can’t wait to get home and try this!

  31. It took me all day to figure out I needed to go to the other side,lol, it’s a great pattern and now that I understand it has so many possibilities, thank you

  32. What a pretty stitch! I love the button detail. I can see attaching a long length of your pattern as a unique finishing edge to a sweater or scarf.

  33. Thank you for the tutorial!!!!! This is the second time I try to leaft a comment!!!! I hope that this time will be the best one!

  34. pretty! this method is different than the broomstick lace that i have learned … same concept i think just slightly different way of getting there… can’t wait to give it a try to see how it compares! :)

  35. easy clear instructions and great photos, as an absolute beginner and a south paw, I picked it up straight away, many thanks!

  36. i was about to make it when i saw the comment on how this was for lefties. lol i didn’t realise but i might think of still doing the lefty way ;)

  37. can’t begin to say thanks enough for this post. An Elderly neighbor Passed away leaving a half finished shawl for her grand daughter. your instructions will help me to finish it for her.

    • It depends how quickly you make it! ;) I’d guess, if you’re fairly confident with general crochet but learning this stitch for the first time then it could take a couple of hours. If you’re making your second or third then probably under an hour.

  38. I’m a lefty but have no trouble with following crochet patterns? I guess I don’t really use them though haha I’ve only ever made granny squares.

    • I don’t usually have any trouble and written patterns tend to work for either hand but learning a new complex stitch is just made that but harder if you’re trying to flip the photos in your head as you go. Broomstick and crocodile stitch I picked up fairly easily but I’m still struggling with cables – can’t get them to go the “right” way!

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