Dress-up Bunny

Here is my latest pattern. He is a(nother!) bunny – I do love crocheted bunny ears :) I’ve called him Mr Rabbit and he likes to dress up. He has three costumes so far; the first is SuperBunny – crime fighting daredevil to the stars. He has a mask to protect his identity and a rather dashing cape that goes ‘swish’ in the breeze. Of course he also has an alter ego outfit that is a simple collar and tie. No one suspects his superhero antics even though Mr Rabbit and SuperBunny have never been seen together…..

His second costume is a ghost – since Halloween he’s been addicted to cutting holes in sheets and scaring anyone he can find:

And with Christmas fast approaching Mr Rabbit is getting into the festive spirit by tying on a fake beard and handing out presents to all his family and friends.

I had the idea for dress-up bunny about 5 months ago and have been working on it on and off  since then. It is my latest pattern for sale to help me restock with wool when I go home over Christmas – there’s a serious lack of wool shops around here :)

The pattern for the bunny and all the costumes is available for £3 (that’s about $4.66 USD on 28/11/11) and you can either

click here to buy it directly from my website via paypal 

or you can buy it through Ravelry.

If you only want one of the outfits then you can buy them separately for £1.50 each ($2.33 USD on 28/11/11) . Each pattern contains instructions for making the bunny and that particular outfit.


Buy the SuperBunny pattern directly via paypal. or from Ravelry.


Buy the ghost bunny pattern directly via paypal. or from Ravelry.


Buy the Santa bunny pattern directly via paypal. or from Ravelry.

If you’re not keen on theatrical rabbits or just don’t want to pay for patterns then do keep checking back as i’ll have more free patterns for you soon.


9 thoughts on “Dress-up Bunny

  1. If we buy the pattern for the bunny and all of the costumes, when you bring in more costume patterns, will we have to pay for them separately or get a discount? I can’t get this pattern right now but I love it!! I’ve seen the dress up bunny on ravelry and think he is just too cute!!

    • Yes I’ve been wondering about that because I would like to make a girly costume set too.
      I would do the same as here I think – three costumes for £1.50 each or £3 for all three but then probably if people buy both sets of costumes together it would be £5. So I would want to offer the girly set for £2 to the people who already bought this set. I’m just not sure how to set that up yet!

      I have a bit of time to figure it out though since I haven’t made the girly costumes yet. I think one will definitely be a mermaid and then maybe a hula girl but I’m not sure. if you have any requests then let me know and I’ll mull it over.

      But probably not until after Christmas :)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful Bunny & Costumes patterns.
    I have just purchased them through Ravelry…I am going to have a go at crocheting some other costumes as I have both nieces & nephews to make these beautiful toys for.
    Thanks again for being so affordable.

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