Giant January Snowflake


This snowflake measures approximately 30cm (12″) across, from point to point. It’s made using King Cole Haze glitter and it doesn’t show up great in the photos but is lovely and fuzzy yet shimmery – just like real snowflakes – but this one will keep you warm when out in the cold :)

You can join them together as you go to create a scarf and I’ve also experimented in joining more together to make a big square (with mixed results)…

The yarn weight is ~dk and recommends a 4mm hook. I used a 7mm hook and so I’d suggest using a hook several sizes larger than recommended by the yarn you’re using and keep the work fairly loose at all times. As always crochet terms are English so have a look at the conversion chart for the American equivalents.

Round 1. Chain 5 and join to the first stitch with a sl st to create a ring.

Round 2. Chain 6, *1tr into the ring, chain 3*

* repeat 11 times, sl st to the 3rd chain of the starting 6. You should have 12 ‘petals’ as shown in the photo below.

Round 3. *[dc, ch7, dc] into the next ch3 space, [dc, dc] into the next ch3 space.*

*Repeat 6 times then sl st into the first dc. Your work should now look like the photo below.

Round 4. *[2dc, 2tr, 4dtr, 2tr, 2dc] into ch7 space, dc, dc into the double crochet stitches from the previous round.*

*repeat 6 times.

Round 5. sl st next 4 stitches (the first 2dc and 2tr from the previous round), *ch12, dc into 5th stitch around (ie skip the 4 double trebles from round 4 and dc into the next treble), ch4, dc into 9th stitch around (ie dc into the second treble of the next ‘petal’)*

*repeat 6 times. Your work should now look like the photo below.

Round 6. to create a picot3: chain 3 then slst into the first chain. To create a picot5: chain 5 then slst into the first chain.

*[dc, dc, dc, picot3, dc, dc, dc, tr, tr, picot5, tr, tr, dc, dc, dc, picot3, dc, dc, dc] all in the next ch12 space. [dc, dc, dc, picot3, dc, dc, dc] all in the next ch4 space.*

*repeat 6 times. sl st to the 1st dc of the round, fasten off. The first snowflake is created.

Joining. Complete the first 5 rounds of the next snowflake the same as above. On the 6th round you will join to the first snowflake in 3 places: on the second to last ch4 space, instead of creating the picot3 in the normal way you should [dc, dc, dc, chain 1, dc to a picot5 of the first snowflake, chain 1, slst to the 1st chain, dc, dc, dc]. Then on the next ch12 space you should attach the 3rd chain of the picot5 to the next picot3 of the first snowflake. Then for the final ch4 space attach to the next picot5 of the first snowflake in the same way. That’s a lot of words! and I promise it’s not as complicated as all that sounds – look at the photo below and see how the second snowflake is rotated slightly and joined at 3 points. All you need to remember is that a picot5 is always joined to a picot3 and vice versa – you should never join 3 to 3 or 5 to 5. and each snowflake connects to the next at three consecutive points.

To join a third snowflake you should rotate it so it is the same orientation as the first snowflake and attach at the last ch12 space, ch4 space, ch12 space. see the photo below. Each snowflake will alternate its rotation. when it’s long enough for a scarf/shawl just pin and block or leave it a bit fuzzy and enjoy. I’d say you would need anywhere from 5 snowflakes to 9 snowflakes to be long enough for a scarf depending on how big they are.

I also had a go at increasing the width to make more of a square piece and it can be done – as seen in the photo below – but because of the size of the snowflakes it does leave quite a large square gap (~13cm or 5″) which I think is too big. Since it’s roughly a square and there are 4 evenly spaced picots pointing inwards then another small piece could be created to go in that gap, attached at those picots. I haven’t got around to actually thinking about that yet though….


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