80s Goth gloves

Inspired by these lacy wrist-warmers from The Little Treasures blog I made these 80s style goth lacy black fingerless gloves. The original ones are made from a pair of socks and mine are made from some tights (I think I managed to buy a children’s sized pair by mistake! glad I found a use for them) and the only thing I did differently was pinching and sewing them together before adding the lace to create a separate thumb hole so they are more gloves than wrist-warmers – without that thumb piece I’d keep losing them up my sleeve :)

I originally saw the wrist-warmers on Pinterest – I just discovered it and I love that place. I’ve created a board called cult of crochet just for all the projects on this blog so do follow it if you want an easier way of finding projects on this site (the navigation around this blog is pretty poor I think – older projects disappear from view and unless you know about them already and can search for them then you’ll never see them.)


3 thoughts on “80s Goth gloves

  1. Hi there, you are so talented, everything you do is so perfect. I really enjoy your crochet, love it. Very nice gloves you made. thank you for sharing.elisa

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