I was going to write up the pattern for this hat for all you lovely people but it turns out that I have a very small head so I don’t think it would fit anyone else!

When figuring out how to make it though I came across this bloom beret pattern by Brittney Waterhouse, which, although constructed differently, produces a very similar slouchy style hat. So have a go at that if you like the style, I made it and it turned out great (with some adjustments to account for the small head!)

and while we’re on the subject of head-gear I don’t know if anyone remembers my attempt at customising my bike helmet a while ago? Well it’s been through a few incarnations since then and I really like the patchwork quality of it now – just repainting and redrawing over different sections as the mood takes me (and the paint is water based so fades and smudges in the rain then I just go over bits again):


2 thoughts on “Headware

  1. That hat is great! I have the same head issue… as in I wear children’s helmets because I can’t find adult ones that are small enough :) Love the almost organic feel of that helmet, you add as it naturally fades away! Very cool!

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