Scarves, skulls and more!

I’ve been very busy the past few weeks, both with crochet and many other things! I have a cool pattern I’ve been working on the past week but it’s not quite ready yet so I thought I’d show you some of the other things I’ve been up to – there are quite a few more that I didn’t manage to get photos of before they were whisked off to their new owners so this is just a small subset:

Centre-pull balls

Since seeing this tutorial for creating centre-pull balls of wool I’ve been doing this before using any of my wool – it makes it much easier to use, stops it tangling especially when using double strands or huge, unwieldy 500g balls!

Hooded scarf

I made a green hooded scarf based on this pattern from crochet spot. It’s very simple and I didn’t add the border or pockets so it was very quick to make. I think it could be really cute for a kid with little eyes to make the hood into a frog or ears on another colour to make a monkey or bear or rabbit.

Skull phone case

I thought I’d have a go at trying crochet with multiple colours (tapestry crochet?) and ended up with this skull phone case. it was an interesting experiment but I don’t think I’ll be doing much of this in the near future – it could be nice for a blanket one day. I put the buttons onto the strap just for a bit of fun so that when it’s undone the skull looks like it’s asleep and you have some (surprisingly quite cute!) disembodied eyes:

plant pot coaster

I was given a lovely plant this week and so made this very simple coaster/mat for it to stand on – literally just chunky wool worked in the round, increasing 6 stitches each round to keep it flat until it was slightly bigger than the pot then completing one final round with a few bobble/cluster stitches for decoration.

Persimmon Pullover

I decided this weekend to try my first ever crocheted clothing so I’ve started this top using a free lion brand pattern and it seems to be going well so far:


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