Some say I’ve been travelling the world….

…. in search of the perfect ball of wool. Others insist I’ve been lying low after an embarrassing mishap with some pinking shears. So what’s the truth? Where have I been for the last (oh dear!) eight months!? Well the truth is far more mundane, I’ve just been very busy and although I have still been dabbling in crochet this blog became a tragic victim of my hectic life. It just took me four attempts to remember the correct password and log in and then I had quite a backlog of comments to read through! Well I’m here now and determined to get back into regular blogging and spreading the creative itch to as many people as I can. As a way to ease back into this blogging malarkey here is a brief round up of a few of things I’ve been up to (and could find photos of!)

ruffles DSCF1500

I spent a loooooong time sewing ruffles to make a wonderful duvet cover. It was worth it in the end :)


An owly felt case for my kindle.


Learning from the first attempt I made a sturdier, padded and colourful kindle case.


Interior View


and finally I had a birthday :)

I have also been doing a spot of knitting and crochet but can’t seem to find any pieces to show you – I shall be back soon with new projects – I promise! Ta ta for now.


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