Lace spiral coaster

OK so a coaster isn’t exactly the most awe-inspiring use of crochet but I’ve been out of the game for a while – baby steps people, baby steps….

I’ve seen many different instructions for this kind of spiral pattern and I tried a few but they didn’t seem to work out properly so I started from scratch and came up with my own method that produces a nice flat piece of work. I used crochet thread and a 2.5mm hook but there’s no reason you can’t scale it up.

In the time I’ve been away WordPress have added a feature that shows me where all the people who view my blog are from. I’ve discovered that the vast majority of you are in America (Hello!) and so I’ve been reconsidering my use of English crochet terms. As an experiment, this pattern is written in American crochet terms. If you have a strong preference for one or the other please leave a comment and I’ll decide how to write patterns in the future to be easily accessible to the most people.

Lace spiral coaster

Round 1: create a magic ring with 6sc and slip stitch closed.

Round 2: *chain 3 and sc into the next stitch* six times to take you all around the circle. you should have created 6 loops.

Round 3: *1sc into the next loop, chain 3 and then sc between the next two loops* six times to take you all around the circle.

Round 4: sc into the next stitch *2sc into the next loop, chain 3, skip the next stitch and sc into the next stitch* repeat between the *stars* six times to take you all around the circle.

Round 5: *sc each stitch to take you to the next loop (this will be 2 sc on round 5, 3 sc on round 6 etc), 2sc into the next loop, chain 3, skip the next stitch and sc into the next stitch* repeat between the stars six times to take you all around the circle.

Repeat round 5 until the piece is as big as you would like. you don’t need to keep track of rounds – once you get the hang of the pattern this is really easy and you can just keep going in a spiral without having to count stitches or keep track of where you are. just carry on until the work is the size you would like.

Last round: sc each stitch and 5 sc into each loop. slip stitch the last few stitches, fasten off and weave in ends.

block or press if needed.

27 thoughts on “Lace spiral coaster

  1. Love this pattern and love the US terms as I am lazy and hate to have to change them before I start :)Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. I think this is beautiful and I plan on making several moffits in different colors and putting them together to make a throw or blanket. Thank you for the pattern.

  3. Thank you! I also have tried various patterns for this type of design, and failed. Thanks for writing it American, too! It’s appreciated. I have trouble “translating” on the fly, and am too impatient to do it for real. So thanks again for this lovely pattern, in American!

  4. Aah, well, as an Australian, I have of course loved being able, at last! to read crochet in UK terms……………..
    I love your spiral and I’m glad to be hearing from you again!

  5. This is gorgeous! Thank you for designing it and sharing it with all of us.

    I am an American and prefer U.S. crochet terms, however, UK terms are easy enough to translate, as it were, so I’m up for either! Thanks for being so generous as to ask our opinions. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your patterns, and for asking about terminology. Of course, as an American, I love US terms, but it is easy enough to translate, so do what feels most comfortable to you. The one thing I would request is that you indicate in the pattern which you are using. It can be frustrating to get 1/2 way through a pattern and realize I am using the wrong stitch because of our (un)common language!

  7. These are beautiful! Thanks SO much for the US terms. It’s so discouraging to find a pretty pattern, then find I can’t read it. I’m a novice so I have no idea how to convert!

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