Zombie Phone Case

I had a request from a friend for a zombie phone case and after a little bit of thinking this was the result. The thing that really makes it great, I think, is the hanging out eyeball and I can’t take any credit for that whatsoever – I saw it on an amigurumi bunny of […]

Zombie Bunny food

I was wondering what a zombie bunny might eat (as you do) and then the answer seemed obvious – carrot brains of course! and so now he has a little friend.

Zombie Bunny!

A good friend of mine gave me an amigurumi book called “Super Cute” last month for my birthday. I’d never crocheted before so I tried out a few of the projects and soon became addicted! Once I’d got the hang of the basics I thought I’d try my own original creation and the result was Zombie Bunny – bring on the apocalypse!


It all started with a book. The amigurumi super cute crochet book I received for my birthday. I thought it harmless enough and bought a couple of balls of wool and made a few wonky woolly animals. That was February 2011 and I swear they must put something addictive in the yarn – as you crochet you […]